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About Us

With over $2 Million Dollars donated since inception, Rodriguez Charities continues to lead the way in community relations. Dedication, teamwork and commitment is the hallmark of the Rodriguez Charity organization. With children development, children healthcare, veteran assistance and community assistance as our focal point, Rodriguez Charities set the pace for others to follow.


Rodriguez Charities has over 200 volunteers that are dedicated towards all charity events. Whether it's a Charity Golf Event, Charity Bike Rally or Charity Poker Event, our team gives 110%. With no staff and overhead, this allows Rodriguez Charities to donate an astonishing 100% of all net proceeds.


Our "Team Focused, Everyone Wins" concept is our unique approach to charity fundraising, everyone commits to the event, everyone goes into the attack mode.

Part of being a person is helping others. - Regis Murayi

Our Mission

To provide assistance to our local community organizations, military veterans and

children in need.

Our Mission

Our Vision

That people everywhere will

share the power of giving.

We Need Your Support Today!

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